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Pranami History

Pranami Group is a fast growing Construction and Real Estate Company headquartered in Jharkhand with a track record of over 15 years of sustained growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Pranami Group concentrates on becoming one of the well respected and trusted organizations by continually erecting constructions that satisfy our customers.

Founded in the year 2002, under the guidance of Mr. Bijay Kumar Agarwal, we started with the development of some modern and high-class residential and commercial buildings in the vicinity of Ranchi. As of today, we stand among the top builders of Ranchi and continually strive to become No. 1 in the league.

Our primary business is development of residential houses, commercial spaces and colonies. The company's business model mainly focuses on earnings arising from development. Our exposure into business segments other than development and in various geographies palliates any break-downs in the market. From developing many of the projects in Ranchi, Pranami is now spreading its branch across many towns in India.

The development business of Pranami includes Residential and Commercial Complexes.

The Homes business caters to 4 segments of the residential market - Super Luxury, Luxury, Premium and Basic. 

The wide range of products catered to our customers includes row houses, apartments of various sizes and duplexes depending upon the requirement and budget of our customers.

We at Pranami are very much concerned about excellent, up-to the mark and quality workspaces which matches the global standards of the new generation. The Commercial Complexes offers space for office and retail which is again available as per the requirement and budget of our customers.

Success Story

Very rarely has a real estate developer achieved such high repute and standing. In the current scenario, when the Indian economy is growing steadily, real estate is one of its main drivers. This also means intense competition among developers and more choice for the home buyers. As consumer awareness grows; quality, range of amenities, long- term performance and on-time delivery become the discerning factors and developers who can consistently meet these needs will emerge as winners.

The Pranami Group constant and conscious attention to these factors since its inception has prepared a firm ground for a bright and soaring future. A strong base of technical expertise and sturdy financial standing ensure that the group has a long innings and a long-term commitment to developing healthy, pleasant and comfortable communities.